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Tart Robotics

Expansion Pack | Orange Tart Set

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With Orange Tart, kids can build anything imaginable, from innovative insect-like robots to giant cranes. Instead of following a set of instructions, they can experiment and see their creations come to life. It can unlock kids’ creativity.

By using Orange Core, LEGO®-compatible DC motors and some LEGO®-compatible pieces, everyone can create many amazing motorized robots.

Looking for a way to learn STEAM through Exciting Play?

Orange Tart Classroom Pack has everything you need to learn and playin your classroom.

Orange Tart Student Pack

Orange Tart Student Pack is designed to provide a way for educators to discover and engage in STEAM topics through the context of soccer! Orange Tart is a LEGO®-compatible educational robotic kit that introduces students to coding, AI, and STEAM topics through an exciting soccer game.

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