Cherry Tart Kit

A hands-on and motorized building set to create endless DIY projects.

Designed to spark creativity and imagination with a hands-on STEM robot kit for future innovators, Cherry Tart is a LEGO®-compatible building block that offers an innovative sound activation method to make robotic projects interactive and livelier. It helps inspire kids to creativity and exploration by hacking, building, and playing with hands-on STEM activities.

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An Easy Hands-on Experience on Engineering for Young Future Innovators

You’ll help kids develop their fine motor and problem-solving skills while at the same time unleashing their creativity as they make different robots.

Cherry Tart robot kit empowers kids can create motorized robots with LEGO®-compatible kit

Empowers Kids to Create Motorized Robots

With easy-to-use hardware and LEGO®-compatible building blocks, Cherry Tart robot kit allows kids to assemble their imagination by snapping parts together and bringing their creation to life. It helps foster an understanding of motorized mechanisms by combining a sound-activated computer, a compact motor, and LEGO®-compatible elements.

Kids can get involved with Cherry Tart Robot Kit by LEGO®-compatible mini-computer.

Get Involve with Sound-Activated Robot Toy

Researchers have shown that kids can get involved with their toys if they can interact with them. Cherry Tart robot kit can hear you clap, and the faster you clap, the faster it moves! So, it actively involves the kids and encourages them to take physical action.

Cherry Tart robot kit empowers kids to gain essential STEM skills.

Gain Essential STEM Skills

Cherry Tart robot kit empowers kids to gain essential STEM skills. This building blocks set provides fun, hands-on robotic challenges that get makers excited, build confidence and develop the skills needed for real-world success.

Combine Cherry Tart hardware with your own building blocks to build simple and fun robots.

Enhance the Interactivity of Your Brick Creations Using Cherry Core

Combine Tart Robotics hardware with your own building blocks to build simple and fun robots. Aside from doing great robotic projects with your blocks, Cherry Tart robot kit encourages kids to get familiar with robotics science and engineering.

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Cherry Tart Family | Enhance The Interactivity of your Brick Creations

What Skills Will Improve with Cherry Tart

  • Robot Creation

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Mechanical Skills

  • Electronic Knowledge

  • Design & Build

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Unleash Your Creativity

Motorize Building Blocks, Projects, and Activate them with Sound

Cherry Tart building sets aim to help kids turn their ideas into reality and take kids' self-esteem to the next level using a DIY approach. By combining the LEGO®-compatible and sound-activated electronic board "Cherry Core" with colorful building blocks, kids can design and build many interactive and fun robotic creatures to learn STEM topics, robotics science, and engineering through this open-ended platform.

Other Projects tht Makers Can Build with Cherry Tart

Which Kit is Created for You

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