Tart Robotics

Orange Tart | LEGO®-compatible Soccer Robot for STEAM

$113.99 CAD

Product Highlights

  • Build four LEGO®-compatible Soccer Robots
  • Improve STEAM skills through open-ended play
  • Level-up coding skills
  • Enhance collaborative play & learning
  • Learn engineering robotics

The Highly Expandable Robotic Kit for Fun and STEAM

Meet your family's newest friend. Orange Tart is an open-ended LEGO®-compatible set specially designed for kids to learn STEAM topics, coding, and AI with a fun and comprehensive approach. Bring all the soccer fun in your hands and enjoy every feature of realistic robotic soccer.

Hands-on Experiences

Orange Tart makes a thematic approach with multi-model capabilities that empower kids' hands-on experiences and improve their imaginations.

Collaborative Play and Fun

Orange Tart robots are an excellent example of how to get concurrent teamwork. Kids can build robots together to play group games and for educational purposes.

Learn STEAM through Play

Provides many STEAM activities to help kids learn the 21st century's essential skills. Kids can learn the real-world application of math, geometry, robotics, and AI.

Coding Concepts

With the intuitive block-based coding app, kids can learn basic programming skills. Besides, Orange Tart provides story-driven challenge cards. It is designed to improve problem-solving and logical thinking skills.

  • 1x Orange Tart robots
  • 3x LEGO®-compatible DC motors
  • 1x Rechargable Li-Po batteries
  • 1x USB chargers
  • 1x Quick start guides
  • 1x Soccer balls
  • more than 180 LEGO®-compatible building blocks

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